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Around the World with Kapitolyo Restaurants

Talk about Kapitolyo restaurants, there’s a world of choices waiting for every belly! Authentic Spanish dish, a steaming hot bowl of Japanese Ramen, a hearty American meal, or simply a home-cooked Pinoy favorite. Name it, Kapitolyo has it.

Expand your culinary horizons with local and international cuisines! Take your tastebuds through a food trip of epic proportions, right in the comforts of Estancia Mall.

Why Try Cuisines from Other Countries?

The hustle and bustle of everyday life has made us a very busy nation. Because of this, the popularity of fast food and instant food options is more than understandable. Inevitably so, this lifestyle has made people settle for quick fixes for the palate. As such, crunch time at work has often gotten in the way of peaceful munch times.

Admittedly, food has become a way to introduce a whole new culture to a person. A lot of people see food as a “ticket you can taste” to savor interesting places and cultures. Traveling through your taste buds has never been easier, as a quick drive to favorite Kapitolyo restaurants can get you an authentic taste of that Mediterranean dish that you crave.

Different Cuisines You Can Try at Kapitolyo Restaurants

Craving a multicultural dining experience? These Kapitolyo restaurants at Estancia Mall can be your next food destination.

  • Asian: As the largest continent in the world, Asia offers the most diverse flavor profile for regional food. Try various Southeast Asian cuisines at Banana Leaf! Since its inception in 2001, it has been their mission to only use authentic ingredients from the cuisine origin, specific to every dish they serve. Take your pick of modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian food, and see how Asian culinary pride can get you wanting for more. Banana Leaf is located at the Lower Ground Floor, North Wing of Estancia Mall.
  • American: Experience quintessential American cuisine with family and friends! Get beer and chicken with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings, or enjoy a classic American diner fare with a Filipino touch at Pancake House! Buffalo Wild Wings is located at the Ground Floor, North Wing of Estancia Mall. Pancake House is located at the Ground Floor, South Wing of Estancia Mall.
  • Chinese: Chinese food culture is widely known for both variety and change. Different regions have different flavor preferences, and this goes to show just how rich Chinese food culture is. Mann Hann offers Chinese specialties, continuously growing from its origins as a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to over 15 branches nationwide. Mann Hann is located at the Lower Ground Floor, North Wing of Estancia Mall.
  • Filipino: Ah, nothing like the meals of the motherland to bring you culinary comfort. Home cooking and family meals capture the warm essence of what Filipinos most identify with in their cuisine. Cafe Mary Grace and XO46 Bistro Filipino are delicious ways to appreciate our country’s own; a reminder that there’s no cuisine like the ones you have at home. Café Mary Grace is located at the Lower Ground Floor, North Wing of Estancia Mall. XO46 Bistro Filipino is located at the Lower Ground Floor, South Wing of Estancia Mall.
  • Japanese: Most Japanese restaurants feature one specific dish as their specialty cuisine; which is why you will see restos that serve different varieties of the same food. CoCo Ichibanya Curry Shop, for example, serves Japanese style curry with various choices of toppings. Pepper Lunch offers a unique dining experience by serving their meals in signature patented electromagnetic plates, letting the diners quite literally have a hand on the cooking process. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, on the other hand, boasts of its famous tonkotsu ramen and milky broth of the Hakata region in Japan. CoCo Ichibanya and Pepper Lunch are located at the Lower Ground Floor, South Wing of Estancia Mall. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is located at the Lower Ground Floor, South Wing of Estancia Mall.
  • Mediterranean: At the Cafe Mediterranean, you’ll get a big bite of the Southern European lifestyle! The flavors of these garden-to-kitchen delights are best enjoyed with family and friends!! It serves a unique blend of dishes from the Eastern, Western, and Southern Mediterranean, with a continuously evolving menu that stays true to the beloved flavors of these seaside countries. Café Mediterranean is located at the Lower Ground Floor, South Wing of Estancia Mall.
  • Spanish: Say “delicioso!” to Alba’s rich cultural heritage of Spanish cuisine! Alba Restaurante Español has been the home of traditional Spanish cooking in Manila since 1952! Be enticed by the rich flavors of Castilian cuisine, a celebration of life and a feast of flavors that are steeped in tradition! Alba’s: Traditional Spanish Cooking is located at the Second Floor, North Wing of Estancia Mall.

No need for expensive trips to satisfy those cravings! Travel the world through your stomach! Your starting destination? Take your pick from any of Kapitolyo’s restaurants at Estancia Mall!

 One of Ortigas & Company’s master-planned developments, Estancia offers lush shopping experiences, satiating dining options, exciting family attractions and more at the lively commune space of Capitol Commons.


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