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Rated r

Neglected and addicted to gadgets, 6-year-old Lyka befriends a malevolent entity from a defunct children’s show, causing deadly events at home. Lyka’s mother Ingrid is a thriving fashion designer and a single mom. Having little to no time for her two kids, she spoils them to make up for her absence. After receiving a mysterious toy, a character from the TV show in the 70s: Gary the Goat, a series of dark and inexplicable events begin to occur, including deaths, and more gruesome deaths. RAGE A bunch of thrill-seekers go on a trip to watch a meteor shower. Little do they know that these celestial rocks will spread a DISEASE that would cause them to fight for their lives. Friends Alfie, Ria, Moze, and Bong travel to a lake to watch a meteor shower. After some night swimming in the lake, Bong suddenly turns aggressive and attacks them. As they try to escape, they encounter more infected humans who try to murder them. They soon discover that microorganism from the fallen meteors has spread via bodies of water. Victims’ minds are affected causing them rage and pushing them to kill other humans. MUKBANG The night before their huge fan meet, a group of influencers and content creators gather for a collab in a luxurious mansion, but as the night wears on, they discover that two of their own are shape-shifting aswangs with a taste for human flesh. As tensions mount within the influencers, they realize that not everyone in the group is who they appear to be. When the clock strikes 12, Mukbangers Rob and Raye transform into their true form and reveal their insatiable hunger for human flesh.

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