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In His Mother’s Eyes


In His Mother’s Eyes

Rated pg

Lucy goes back to Japan to raise money for her son who has autism spectrum disorder leaving Tim in the care of her older brother Biboy, a gay man. For a couple of years, Lucy was able to send money for her son, but after a while, it suddenly stopped. Biboy has no other choice but to take care of Tim, who grows up as a young man, with high functioning ASD. Tim’s dream is to become a singer. But like all persons with ASD, Tim has trouble interacting and communicating with people. And since you need to interact and show your emotions when you’re singing, he was turned down in an audition. Amidst the frustrations of not being able to fulfill his dream and the conflicting emotions of falling in love for the first time, Lucy comes back after a long absence. She attempts to connect with her son and her estranged brother, but it seems as if Lucy is now untruding into Tim’s orderly world, breaking Tim’s routine, triggering anxiety. Lucy’s actions would bring her in conflict with Biboy, who resents Lucy for leaving her son, robbing Biboy of his own dreams. To avoid conflict, Lucy decides to leave once again. But after discovering an injustice committed against Tim, Lucy decides to stay, even if it means relieving painful memories—the very reason why she wasn’t able to go back to the country to personally take care of Tim.

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