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Ways to Show You Love Your Pet

How do you show your love for your pet? For starters, always make sure to complete your pet care essentials from Tiendesitas Pet Village and give your fur babies lots of cuddles and treats! Basic stuff aside, check out these alternatives for showing affection for pets.


Healthy Food, Healthy Feeding

When buying food for your pet, you don’t just simply reach for the popular brand. Neither do you purchase according to which is expensive (therefore high quality) and which fits into the budget.

Read the label and put some time into researching what pet food is best for your pet’s breed, health conditions and stuff. Best practice would be to ask your vet since they would know which nutrients would support your pet’s health.

Mind how you feed and interact with your pet, as well. Your way and when of feeding can build upon their natural instincts. So, use your treats and feeding time with a strategy in mind. Pet-friendly treats can be kept on hand for snacks in-between meals. You can also be creative and present playful challenges such as placing treats in a puzzle or a toy.


Take Walks and Play Games

Enrich your pet’s physical and mental health by regularly taking them out for a trip to a nearby park or stimulating environments. To keep the fun and excitement up, regularly be on the hunt for some new games and toys such as fetch with squeaky balls, tug, and hide-and-seek.


Understand Your Pet’s Language

Pets use body language to communicate with their fur-parents. Did you know that dogs also communicate by raising their eyebrows? They often use the left eyebrow to emotionally connect and greet their humans.

The more you get to know your pet, the more you get a feel of what they like and what they don’t. It’s important to take note of these things and notice when there are sudden changes in their behaviour. When they suddenly become difficult or unresponsive towards something that they like, they might be stressed or uncomfortable about something in the environment.


Pay Regular Visits to the Vet

Another way of expressing your love for your pet is by ensuring that they are guarded against a variety of illnesses. Don’t miss out on annual check-ups and shots with your vet.

Visits to the vet clinic may be terrifying for your pet, but they don’t always have to be. You can train your dog or cat by doling out delicious treats every time you visit and return from the clinic.


Always Complete Your Pet Care Essentials at Tiendesitas Pet Village

Also one of the basics for showing love for your fur-baby is by never running out of the essentials. At the Tiendesitas Pet Village, you’ll find stores and endless racks of your pet’s good ol’ faves, as well as new and interesting finds.

Especially with the Christmas season rolling in, complete your pet care and toy needs by dropping by the Tiendesitas Pet Village.

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