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Shopping in Manila: X Tips to Shop Like a Pro

Shopping in Manila: 6 Tips to Shop Like a Pro

Shopping may be every woman’s favorite cardio. But by that, we mean cardio that doesn’t come with so much huff and puff, and all the inconveniences that go with it.  Shopping in Manila is all about “the rush and the blush” that makes you want to spend the rest of your time scouring the latest must-haves, minus the hassle. Money, time, and energy — every shopping moment should be well spent. How to do it? Read on.


  1.     Know where the sale is and have a mental map of where to go.

Sale season causes so much craze, and such shopping fanfare can make any overly excited shopaholic lose her sense of logic (and yes, maybe even her sense of direction). To manage time and avoid unnecessary to and fro trips, know where the sale is. Chronologically map your way from one store to another, starting from the nearest to the farthest. Start with your favorite stores so you spend your time on those that you really want. No regrets on not being able to go your go-to boutique when mall hours end.

  1.     Dress comfortably.

Rule of thumb when shopping:  wear clothes that won’t cause you inconvenience when trying on a piece of clothing.  Usually, skirts are a way to go as they allow easier ways to try on bottoms like pants, shorts, and skirts in a dressing room. Shopping in a tiangge where removable curtains function as “dressing rooms” also makes skirts a wiser shopping attire.

  1.     Shop on weekdays.

Those who want to avoid shopping rush know that doing it on weekdays is a friendlier alternative. Weekdays, preferably in the morning or early afternoon are days when a bigger chunk of the crowd is still at work.  Just perfect when one has a shopping errand that has to be done on “quieter” days.

  1.     Do a pre-sale ocular trip.

There are shops that would post their sale tags the night before d-day. Some sales ladies would also display the store’s better-looking merchandise first, to attract the customers. Depending on your conversational and haggling skills with the sales ladies, this gives you the opportunity to reserve the items that you’re eyeing at (and maybe fit already) so you just have to pick them up the next day.  That way, you’re able to avoid long queues at the fitting area. Quicker, easier. Now off to the next store.

  1.     Review warranties and refund/return policies. 

Protect your rights as a consumer by reviewing product warranties and refund / return policies. This applies especially to gadgets and some luxury items. You have the right to review a warranty before you purchase a product. However, to avoid after-purchase hassle, carefully check on your items first, taking mental note on possible areas for defect/s. Always keep your receipts, in case you need to do a refund or have an item returned.

  1.     Know the difference between what you want and what you need.

Shopping is an irresistible happy pill, but too much of this pill can give you a headache after. To avoid such shopping after shock, keep a clear mind and discern whether an item is a need or a want. Would a tailored jacket (and stilettos to match!) be a need or is it just a whim prompted by a fashion page you just saw?  Have you needs list prioritized. This lets you stick to your budget without having to sacrifice the joys and rush of shopping.


A really wise shopper knows the ins and outs of smart buying: managing your time, getting your money’s worth, and exerting your energy where it’s needed.  Whether it be shopping for fashion apparel, gadgets, home items, or pet accessories, smart shopping is one item that should always be added to the cart.


For an enjoyable and convenient shopping, come to Estancia, Greenhills, Tiendesitas, and Industria. To know more about Ortigas Malls, visit us at

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