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Ortigas Malls - Tiendesitas Restaurants for Your Next Food Crawl

Restaurants for Your Next Food Crawl

At Tiendesitas, you’ll never run out of new things to see and do with friends or family! Treat your furbaby to a grooming sesh, check out new and affordable fashion pieces, or embark on a beyond-satisfying food crawl with sumptuous platters from these well-loved restaurants in Tiendesitas!

Must-Try Tiendesitas Restaurants

Walking around the clusters of villas in Tiendesitas with its shaded spots from surrounding trees and greens may be one of the best things about the mall. Perfect too, as that’s just what you need for a chill, unhurried food crawl in the area!

Pancake House: Always a Good Choice to Start

Where to start? Pancake House is always a good choice not just for its warm, chirpy interiors but for meals that get you pumped up and excited for the rest of the day.

Now, be careful and avoid ordering too much! You wouldn’t want to fill yourself up too early in your food crawl. When in Pancake House, share a House Specials Set of Spaghetti with garlic bread, Pan Chicken, Taco and Iced Tea.

Must try: House Specials Set A

Visit Pancake House at Ground floor, Building B, Tiendesitas, Pasig City

Tenya Tempura Udon: A Taste of Japanese

What’s a food trip without Japanese food? And no, we’re not talking about ramen. Crisp, deep-fried prawn resting on a serving of steaming rice. No need to travel far for this one. It’s a house specialty at Tenya Tempura Tendon! Drop by its very Instagram-able place in the Food Village and get your shared portions of Ebi Tempura!

Must try: Asakusa Special Tendon

Visit Tenya Tempura Udon at Ground floor, Building B, Tiendesitas, Pasig City

Paluto: Pinoy Pride and Pulutan Specials

Choose from fresh seafood or meat and have it cooked into a Pinoy specialty. This experience is what’s unique about Paluto in Tiendesitas. Dishes here are always best with cold bottles of beer, of course!

Must try: Sinigang sa Miso at Dinakdakan

Visit Paluto at: Ground floor, Building B, Tiendesitas, Pasig City

Dr. Tam’s Vegan Haus: Pinoy with a Touch of Vegan

Good vegan spots in the Philippines are still hard to come by. That’s why Dr. Tam’s Vegan Haus in Tiendesitas is just perfect. It’s the dose of healthy greens and vegan meals you need for your food trip.

Must try: Organic Tofu and Smoothies

Visit Dr. Tams Vegan Haus at Ground floor, Building B, Tiendesitas, Pasig City

Barrio Fiesta: Not Your Typical Food Crawl Choice

Picture it: you’ve tried many dishes on your food crawl already, but you still have more room in you and Kare-kare with Barrio Fiesta’s bagoong and Crispy Pata are just too hard to pass up on!

Being a buffet dining place, Barrio Fiesta may be an odd choice to include in your food trip. But here’s what’s good about buffet setups: there’s always a chance to eat more than what you pay for! Make Barrio Fiesta your final Tiendesitas restaurant for the day, and give your belly a few satisfied pats. Consider your Tiendesitas food crawl a success.

Must try: Kare-kare and Crispy Pata

Visit Barrio Fiesta at Ground floor, building B, Tiendesitas, Pasig City


Discover new tastes and flavors with a variety of grub spots and restaurants in Tiendesitas!


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