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Be Sure About Furniture With These Tiendesitas Shopping Tips!

Whether it’s to prepare for a new home or you’re just looking for a refreshing change of scenery, furniture shopping has its own tricks. Sit back and relax as we give you the front seats to the best furniture shopping tips in town.

Furniture Shopping Tips for the Tiendesitas Shopper

  • Budget for Furniture Sets: Populate within your means. Don’t give in to impulse buys just because your favorite celebrity’s couch has the same fabric as the one you’re eyeing in the store right now. If you’re really set on designer pieces, make sure that you have the budget for it. Buy investment pieces that can withstand the test of time. In this case, this means both sturdiness and style.
  • Ace the Space Test: In your eagerness to utilize space, you might have the urge to get every piece of furniture that your budget allows you to. Look and see if the furniture you plan to get will actually fit your space once it gets there. Having a big room does not mean you have to compensate with large pieces. It’s all about the balance you can achieve with a mix of different-sized pieces. Measure the items you already have in the room, and don’t be afraid to rearrange stuff around if you need to.
  • Knock on Wood: Like, literally. It’s better if you come in and know your wood types. Wood furniture comes in three categories: solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood. Solid wood furniture pieces are typically more expensive but sturdier, although they can be susceptible to scratches and water rings. Veneers use a less expensive wood base covered with several thin layers of better-quality wood. Particle board or composite wood pieces are the most inexpensive type of wooden furniture.
  • Swatch and Learn: Getting furniture with upholstery? Consider the look of your entire room before choosing pieces. Don’t immediately trust what’s on the catalog. Ask the sellers if they have sample swatches of the fabrics used on the furniture you’re eyeing and try to see the bigger picture. If you want to buy any kind of textile or fabric, ask for swatch samples, or go to the store to check on the fabric yourself. Who knows? You might find something else that would fit your design specifications better!
  • Comfort for the Fort: What matters first and foremost is that you can use the pieces that you buy. Your space should not be a mere museum for showroom-worthy furniture. Though styling and interior design would help, remember that this space should be something you can live in. It does not have to be catalogue-perfect–just perfect for you.
  • Check Before the Cheque: Sure, it may look good on the showroom. But before you cash out on your furniture purchases, make sure to check for any defect. Make sure that drawers and cabinets open properly and shut evenly, and if the handles and knobs fit tightly. Look for wooden furniture joined at the ends and corners, not glued or nailed in. Pieces that use wood joinery would be sturdier and can take in more weight.

Turn houses into homes with the help of key pieces from Tiendesitas! Showcasing the best that the Philippines has to offer, Tiendesitas is a place that passionately celebrates diversity, food, and culture — a community for furniture shopping and eating, with something for every kind of shopper.

Tiendesitas is part of Ortigas & Company, one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape. To learn more about furniture shopping and other attractions that Tiendesitas has to offer, feel free to read more at the Ortigas Malls website. 


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