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Activity Equipment for the Adventurous Spirit with Decathlon

Get moving this summer with Decathlon’s wide range of sports gear! It’s the perfect time to find a new hobby, and what better way to spend these days than by getting into a new sport. Millennials and GenZers are showing more interest in sports and fitness. And it’s more than just a trend: people really do care more about their health nowadays. Millennials grew up in the midst of rapidly changing times: most are old enough to remember a time before the introduction of the technology that is so common today. Millennials learned to adapt to these changes, and now they are taking steps to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Sports to Try with Decathlon

Find a new sports hobby and find new friends! Here are some of the sports that you can find equipment for at Decathlon!

  • American Football: Always been curious about how schools would get hyped up about football in American high school and college books or TV series? Try the sport for yourself! The Philippines has an official Philippine American Football League (PAFL) that you can look up if you’re interested to take on the sport! In the meantime, you can gather a bunch of friends and try flag football, a version of American football (also known as tackle football) that requires removing a flag from a ball carrier to end a down (similar to a “tackle” in rugby football). Decathlon has the necessary balls, markers, and gears for both kinds!
  • Basketball: Ah, the Philippine’s favorite sport. Admit it: even if you have no idea about the sport, you have relatives that are avid basketball fans. It is almost inescapable, with the way children and teenagers alike even set up informal basketball courts at street corners and empty lots. Join the nation’s craze for basketball by getting your complete basketball gear straight from Decathlon!
  • Boxing: Some of the country’s most famous athletes are boxing champions, helping elevate the sport to national and even global recognition. Boxing is an excellent sport that helps improve cardiovascular health and overall body strength, fit for both men and women across age groups! Make sure you get comfortable gloves and protective boxing wraps!
  • Golf: Do not be intimidated by this sport! Although it is often seen as a sport that mainly caters to the older generation, a lot of millennials are discovering its charms. The amount of walking that you have to do to get around a whole course can be considered a full-body workout. Plus, it also helps maintain mental alertness. Need golf clubs, bags, trolleys, and apparel? You’re in luck: Decathlon has them all.
  • Martial Arts: There are different disciplines, such as judo, aikido, taekwondo, and karate, that you can try to see what best fits you and your personality! Martial arts is a good sport to take up when you want to destress, as well as improve your strength, stability, and coordination. Make sure to wear the proper uniform for your chosen martial arts to ensure you get those moves just right!
  • Soccer: Not a lot of people know that the Philippine national soccer team (popularly known as Azkals in recent times) is actually one of the oldest teams in Asia. With our country’s team representatives playing internationally as early as 1913, the sport is currently enjoying a surge of interest from the general public. Try this worldwide popular sport with your own soccer ball! Futsal, a kind of soccer played on a hard court indoors, is also a popular option for beginners!

A lot of people do not realize the importance of health as a resource in fueling a nation’s economy. Thankfully, millennials are taking steps towards a healthy, active lifestyle. Satisfy your fitness needs with the wide range of sports equipment available at Decathlon, right here at Tiendesitas!

Tiendesitas is part of Ortigas & Company, one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape. To learn more about the Decathlon and other attractions that Tiendesitas has to offer, feel free to read more at the Ortigas Malls website.

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