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Industria Bike Park

Ways to Boost Your Fitness at the Bike Park

Living an active life and getting fit isn’t just limited to hitting the gym or running circles on a track. If you’re looking for a different way to up your fitness game, maybe it’s time you consider hitting the bike park.


Benefits of cycling

Did you know that riding a bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle?  Regular physical activities like cycling can help protect you from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. 

Cycling is also a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be done and enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It is also fun, inexpensive and good for the environment. Other reasons to try cycling include:

  • Ease – Unlike some other sports, cycling does not require you to have high levels of physical skill. Even if you don’t know how at first,  once you learn, you don’t forget.
  • Low impact exercise – Cycling causes less strain and injuries than other forms of exercise.
  • A good muscle workout – This exercise uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal
  • Boosts strength and stamina – Cycling increases stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness.
  • Train according to your level –  Cycling can be done at a very low intensity when you’re just starting but can be built up to a physically demanding workout.
  • A fun and exciting way to get fit – With the buzz you get from coasting– whether you’re outside or in the bike park– you are more likely to continue to cycle regularly, compared to other physical activities.


Cycling: Building your fitness

  • Start easy. A common beginner’s mistake is doing too much right away. Begin with a low mileage goal (between 5 and 8 miles per ride) then add on a little each week.

  • Try to ride a few times a week. This helps you build fitness and also helps you acclimate to the bike.

  • Remember that recovery is just as important as riding. Rest is key to becoming a strong cyclist because the body needs time to rebuild and recover.
  • Don’t push yourself if you’re having an off day. If you’re struggling, cut the ride short.

  • Join a community. Find riding buddies who will join you at the bike park.
  • Keep track of your progress. Whether you use a calendar, an app, or a designated journal, it’s important to track your progress so you can train better.


Train at the Bike Playground at Circulo Verde

In Metro Manila, life as a bike enthusiast is tough, no thanks to the dangerous roads and the pollution. Good thing Industria has The Bike Playground located at Circulo Verde. The Bike Playground is the Philippines’ first signature pump park designed by Claudio Caluori, an international designer and mountain bike celebrity. 


The Bike Playground is designed Velosolutions is a Swiss company that specializes in pump track and trail building. The track offers good training for advanced to expert BMX riders who want to practice on their tricks. No worries– beginners are welcome too!

Whether you’re a beginner, a BMX enthusiast, or an expert mountain biker, you’re sure to enjoy your time at The Bike Playground at Industria, Circulo Verde.

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