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Recreational Activities You Can Do Online or at Home

When everyone’s supposed to stay home and malling is not (yet) a recreation option, boredom inevitably kicks in. This is especially true when fun meant eating out, shopping, doing your favorite outdoor sports, hitting the gym, belting your heart out in music bars, catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, the list is endless. Well, guess what. You can still do these without having to go out. In an age where almost everything can be done in a tap of a finger. Life goes and it’s fun as usual because recreational activities can still be enjoyed inside your  homes. Feeling the rush now? Read on and get started.



This isn’t anything new to shopaholics, but this is a happy reminder that, sans the physical stores, retail therapy goes on. The online stores are all out there. You just have to click and pick, add to cart, and check out. Fashionistas can still have the latest in apparel and accessories. Foodies can have their favorites delivered (and yeah, post on social too). Techies can still scroll on the latest gizmos. It may have been every shopaholic’s best form of cardio, but for now, let the fingers do the walking. No closing hours, no traffic. Itching to score some Asian goods for snacks?  Industria’s QiQi Mart is open for delivery from 9:30 AM to 2AM. Call 0927-5678901.



This one is a non-negotiable. You cannot not exercise –- even when gyms are closed. Just as there has been an abundance of exercise clubs in the metro, so are the many exercise apps available online. They come with progress trackers, nutrition tips, and fitness level-specific exercises. There are so many downloadable apps for everyone.  So, no gym and no instructor? No problem.



There’s no stopping one’s craving. From a wide variety of delectables waiting to be delivered, you can still have that dining experience you’ve always wanted. In the mood for a steak takeout this weekend? Craving your favorite fast food breakfast? Looking forward to a Friday seafood dinner?  Go ahead. Pick your mobile phones and start scrolling. Online delivery is key. If you’re up for some Chinese dishes,  Industria’s Yang Chow Seafood Restaurant delivers from 11AM to 7PM. Call  0917-6750508.


Coffee and Tea with Friends

What is it about having coffee with friends? Truth be told, it isn’t just about the coffee but the many colorful conversations shared with friends over coffee. If it’s the caffeine and convo rush you’re missing, here’s the good news: you can still do it. Have your favorite barista-brewed coffee or milk tea delivered and catch up with friends over a video conference. Oh and the usual selfie and groufie? A wacky screenshot will do the trick. Industria’s Bon Appetea delivers waffles to go with your favorite milk tea from 11AM to 7PM.  Call 0906-4744061.


Fun Family Bonding

Everyone’s going crazy over a dance app lately. For the young ones, it’s the new selfie. For the older ones, it’s a fun way to bond with the family. The steps are easy and won’t require much even from lolos and lolas who want to join the fun. If dancing isn’t your cup of tea, online art classes are also available. Kids and parents who have a knack for drawing and painting will find this a great way to while away the time.


Staying home doesn’t mean staying bored. With so many available online and indoor recreational activities, fun continues. Want to know more about Industria at Circulo Verde? Visit


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