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Recreational Activities for a Fit & Fun Weekend

Lazy weekends aren’t going to be too lazy if you’re in Industria Circulo Verde. A recreational hub located at Calle Industria, Libis, Q.C., Industria is teeming with hubs designed to give you adrenalin-kicking recreational activities, any time of the day. It’s one big playground for the young and the young-at-heart who would never say no to adrenalin rush and an hour or two of pampering one’s self. Getting that surge of excitement already? Check out what’s in store for you at Industria.


  1.   Ninja Academy – 2F, Industria Circulo Verde

Unleash the Ninja in you at Ninja Academy. Located at 2nd floor of Industria Circulo Verde, Calle Industria. Ninja Academy is a parkour and free-running facility designed for the brave and the bold. Parkour is a sport that primarily involves swift movements like running, jumping, and climbing in an area; typically an urban environment. Ninja Academy is both a playground and a training ground for parkour enthusiasts – beginners and advanced. But aside from that, Ninja Academy also offers other training programs for muscle building, strength training, conditioning, and other fitness activities.


  1.   Krav Maga PH – 2F, Industria Circulo Verde

If you’re fueled by words like self-defense, defense techniques, hand to hand combat, and military combat, Krav Maga PH might just be the perfect recreation hub for you. Taking its origins from the early military combats in Israel, Krav Maga is a combative training that involves three main parts: special techniques in self defense against armed and unarmed attackers, hand-to-hand combats (sometimes using knives, sticks, and guns), and third party protection. Industria’s Krav Maga PH offers different rates for walk-ins, members, and monthly membership subscriptions.


  1.   Nuat Thai – GF, Industria Circulo Verde

If hardcore activities aren’t your thing and your idea of “recreational” is one that lets you lounge and stretch and be pampered from head to foot, head over to Nuat Thai.  Inspired by Asian minimalist design, Nuat Thai offers traditional body massages and body scrubs done by a trained staff. It has special packages suited to your liking. Book in advance to ensure that you have a slot. So lie down, relax, and let Nuat Thai give you the mind and body pampering you deserve.


  1.   Nailandia

Consider it recreational activity, when you have your nails done, your feet relaxed, your body massaged, your eyelashes enhanced, and your skin pampered. Truly, it’s a complete head-to-foot indulgence designed to give you the best me time, any time you want it.  Nailandia uses products and equipment to ensure that you get nothing but the best service. It’s also a fun and cool way to bond with your little one, as Nailandia also offers nail art, massage, and hand/foot spa for kids. 


  1.   Open Field Activities

As Industria Circulo Verde is known not only for its indoor sports facilities but also for its expansive, open spaces, it’s also an ideal area for a number of field sports such as soccer, football. The vast area surrounded by greens is perfect for players who do their games and practices. There’s also a bath to keep everyone refreshed after a tedious game.


  1.   The Bike Playground

Bike enthusiasts will find this their newest happy place. The Bike Playground is Industria’s indoor cycling park where cyclists can do their biking — rain or shine. Try their Pump Park for a little bumpy ride. It’s a bumpy rink made of asphalt, ideal for bikers who get all revved up with stunts and exhibitions. If you prefer an outdoor terrain with natural scenery, The Bike Playground has an outdoor trail that mimics mountain trails, giving bikers that off-road rush without having to leave the city. Check out its giant ramp that gives you the thrill of crossing a small hill. As for kids, yup, there’s a Kids Track for young bikers and first timers. There are bikes for rent and accommodating trainers to guide you if you’re a newbie and you feel a little overwhelmed.


Relaxing, thrilling, pampering, adrenalin-kicking.  Industria has everything to give you that rush that can pump up an otherwise lazy weekend. Visit Industria Circulo Verde now.  For more information, click

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