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Full Throttle Fun: Drone Racing at Industria

Full Throttle Fun: Drone Racing at Industria

You may know drones as those tiny aircrafts with cameras used for capturing breathtaking aerials and beautiful top shots. What you may not know is that these aircrafts are slowly turning a hobby into a sport. Does Drone Racing ring a bell? Read more about the guerilla sport here!

A Short Background Check on Drone Racing

Drone Racing began as an amateur sport in Australia in late 2014. While it isn’t clear when the hobby came here to the Philippines, most hobbyists agree that drone racing gained local popularity in 2016 when more and more enthusiasts discovered about it and hard-to-find parts became readily available in shops.

The Closest Thing to Flying a Jet

When you join events and check group conversations online, you’ll find that drone racing is sometimes dubbed as FPV racing or First Person POV racing. See, it’s not just as simple as a kid’s car race where you control your unit with a remote control. Drone operators pilot their units with a pair of goggles on, where a live video feed of the drone’s camera is shown.

Show of Supremacy for the Skies

There can be multiple activities in one drone race event. There can be a best time type of race, a sprint, and even a best drone photography contest — because hey, drones are still machines with cameras.

The ideal venue has to be a wide open space where people can stay on one side, safe and away from the race course. The main course on the other hand, is peppered with curves, loops, hoops and obstacles that you’ll have to flawlessly guide your unit through.

And that’s just why The Bike Playground at Industria in Circulo Verde is perfect for such events. Having hosted 2 Game of Drones events already, The Bike Playground in Industria is slowly making a name in drone racing circles. Another plus to this venue is that it’s also just a short walk away from Urban Gadgets which is a go-to gadget shop for camera and drone hobbyists.

Playing Spectator in a Drone Race

What to expect in a drone race? Lots of buzzing, a grand lights spectacle and admirable groups of passionate drone teams and pilots. Seeing that the sport is gaining more audience and interested participants every year, drone communities and event holders have come up with ways to include spectators in the thrills and excitement of the game. These include holding events at night when colorful lights are more visible, and feeding live video from the drones to large monitors on-ground.

Care to experience how it is to be in a real drone race? Make sure to keep an eye out for the next big event in The Bike Playground in Industria!

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