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Why Greenhills Cinemas Should Be Your Movie Date Go-to

Why Greenhills Cinemas Should Be Your Movie Date Go-to

Watching the latest blockbusters is a go-to idea for a date. But if you really want to impress your special someone, don’t just watch a movie, aim for something more in impressive theaters such as Greenhills Cinemas!

But why bother with going to moviehouses when you have cable channels and online streaming services that you can access anytime? Simple. It’s all about the experience. While putting your feet up on the couch, pausing the movie anytime you want to, and cooking up your own snacks can be very tempting, you’re missing out on the unique experience that a movie house is built for. Here’s a short list of features that you would be passing up on in Greenhills Mall’s theaters.

Mood-Setting Interiors

Greenhills theaters are housed at the Promenade. On the cinema floor, you’ll find a large-scale mural by National Artist Benedicto Cabrera, towering palm trees accentuated with mood lighting, and giant posters of Oscar Best Picture films. All contribute to a sophisticated ambiance but with the casual, familiar excitement of going to an amusement park.

The Big Screen with State-of-the-art Sound Tech

You can have a 40” wide LED smart TV at home, but this just won’t compare with the good ol’ big screen in movie houses. Bigger, slightly curved and stretched to the sides of a theater, cinema screens are designed to take you in; to transport you into the world that is playing on its surface.

Pair that with Dolby Atmos in select Greenhills theaters and you get a truly immersive experience. Now, Dolby Atmos is not just some loud speaker that goes with the big screen. As cinephiles and geeks would know, Atmos creates lifelike sound by utilizing more audio channels than a typical surround sound system, and employing aural tracking of objects in a 3D space.

Greenhills Theaters Keep it Chill, Literally

When you go into a cinema you expect air conditioning, but when it gets too cold you tend to pull out of your suspension of disbelief. That’s why air conditioning in Greenhills theaters are regulated at a chill level. It’s comfortably just right that you can even have an iced beverage during the show, and it wouldn’t feel too much.

Well-Loved Concessionaires for Movie Treats & Snacks

Speaking of iced beverage, snacks to nimble on while the movie plays will always be part of the moviehouse experience. Sweet, salty, refreshing and what-have-you, Greenhills cinemas are surrounded by well-loved concessionaires for your movie time cravings. Some of the crowd favorites include Nacho Bimby x Potato Corner, TenRen’s Tea, and Cine Snacks.

Catching flicks on the big screen, comfy seats with a cold refreshing soda on one hand and a bucket of freshly-popped popcorn on the other — now, that’s how you watch a movie. Before marching to Greenhills Mall’s cinemas, be sure to check the cinema schedule here.  

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