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Which Greenhills Stores are Open

Especially during difficult times, it helps to be prepared with all your essential items on hand. For your supply run in San Juan, these stores in Greenhills Malls are open to get you what you need. 

Open Stores in Greenhills (as of May 22, 2020)

Whether for restocking supplies, getting the tools you need for a home repair or improvement project, or dropping by for a taste of a well-missed dish, look to this list of open stores in Greenhills as your guide. 


Good Morning Team Greenhills!
Open tenants as of May 22, 2020

1. Unimart 9:30am-5pm

2. Mercury Drug 8am-7pm
@ Shoppesville
3. Mercury Drug Mckinley 7am-7pm
4. Mercury Drug Unimart 9:30am-5pm
5. Watsons @ VMall 9am-5pm
6. Watsons @ OS2 9am-6pm
7. GNC 9am-5pm
@ Connecticut Arcade

8. HSBC 9am-2pm
9. Union Bank 9am-3pm
@ Promenade
10. BDO @ OS1 8am-2pm
11. BDO @The Jewellery 8am-2pm
12. BDO @ Vmall 8am-2pm
13.RCBC 9am-3pm
@ Mckinley Arcade
14. BPI @ Greenlanes 9am-3pm
15. East West Bank 9am-3pm
16. Metrobank @VMall 9am-2pm
17. Metrobank @Promenade 9am-2pm
18. BPI @Unimart 9:30am-3pm
19. China Bank 9am-2pm
@ Officenter

20. House of Lasagna 9am-6pm
21. Jollibee 9am-5pm
22. Macao Imperial Tea 10am-5pm
@ VMall
23. Bacolod Chicken Inasal 9am-5pm
24. Botejyu 9am-6pm
25. Ooma Manam 10am-4:30pm
26. Samgyeopmasarap 10am-4pm
27. Max Restaurant 9am-5pm
28. Racks 9am-6pm
29. Shakey’s 10am-5pm
30. Mang Inasal 10am- 6pm
31. Gloria Maris 9am-6pm
32. Breadtalk 11am-7pm
33. Cocoichibanya 10am-6pm
34. Wendy’s 9am-5pm
35. Casa Reyes 9am-5pm
36. Mcdonald’s 7am-6pm
37. Chowking 11am-6pm

Unimart Tenants:
38. Chooks to Go 9:30am-5pm
39. The Coffee Shop 11am-5pm
40. Casa Empanada 9:30am-5pm
41. Luk Yuen 11:30am-4:30pm
42. Chatime 9:30am-5pm
43. The French Baker 9:30am-5pm
44. Cafe Mary Grace 9:30am-5pm
45. Mom’s Manyaman 9:30am-5pm
46. Wine Cellar @Unimart 9:30am-5pm

Promenade Tenants:
47. Big Chill 9am-4pm
48. Tender Bobs 9am-3pm
49. Red Mango 9am-4pm
50. Cibo 11am-6pm

GTM Tenants:
51. Cafe France 8am-5pm
52. Auntie Anne’s 10am-5pm
53. Starbucks 8am-4pm

54. Our Home 11am-7pm
Specialty Store:
55. The Grey Market 11am-7pm
56. Miniso 11am-7pm

School & Office Supplies:
57. Office Warehouse 11am-7pm

Optical Shop:
58. Ideal Vision 11am-7pm

59. LBC @ OS2B 9am-5pm

60 Ace Hardware 8am-5pm

Toys and Collectibles:
61. WRC Toys 11am-7pm
62. Big Boys Toys 11am-7pm
63. Bully Boy 11am-7pm
64. Patrick’s Toys 11am-7pm
65. Toy Kingdom 11am-7pm
66. Toy nuts 11am-7pm
67. Hobbiestock 11am-6pm
68. Filbars 11am-7pm
69. GH Minicon 11am-7pm
70. Geek PH 11am-7pm

71. Bench 11am- 7pm
72. Ducks Unlimited 11am-7pm
73. Marie-Jay 11am-7pm
74. GH Uniform Shoppe 11am-7pm
75. JHRS Marine Concept 11am-7pm
76. Rose 11am-7pm
77. Fanciful 11am-7pm
78. Planet Sports 11am-7pm
79. Esprit 11am-7pm
80. Liliane 11am-7pm

Computer & Gadgets :
81. Octagon 11am-7pm
82. Micro Valley 11am-7pm
83. Gadget King 11am-7pm
84. Beyond the Box 11am-7pm
85. IStudio 11am-7pm

Computer and Repair Services:
86. Addsome Business 11am-7pm
87. Ahead Biz 11am-7pm
88. Denhip @ VMall 11am-7pm

Gaming & Hobby Store:
89. Datablitz 11am-7pm
90. Virtual Station 11am-7pm
91. Game Quest 11am-7pm

Pet Care:
92. Pet Express 11am-7pm

93. Pearlshoppes & goldsmith
@ lifestyle 11am to 5pm

Thank you,

Click & Collect: An Ortigas Malls Initiative

Along with other Ortigas Malls, Greenhills Mall now has a Click & Collect service. Just key in your orders in advance and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up! Here’s how to use the service: 

  1. Check the Ortigas Malls Viber Group ( for a list of merchants with pick-up services.
  2. Place and pay for your order, and to set a pickup schedule.
  3. Collect your order at the Click and Collect pick-up area: ground floor Connecticut Arcade.


To help ensure your protection, COVID-19 protocols have been set and are strictly followed in Greenhills Mall and other Ortigas Malls. Together, we can ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Be updated on mall announcements, promos and more when you like and follow the official Greenhills Mall Facebook page

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