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Greenhills Shopping Guide: What to Buy Your Geeky Friend

We all have that one friend who’s got a knack for geeky and nerdy things. And honestly, they’re not that hard to please! For gift items and small tokens of appreciation, you just have to look in the right places — like the toy, hobby and novelty shops of Greenhills Mall!

Gone are the days when nerds and geeks were the least-liked personalities in groups and communities. The tides have turned, especially in this era of tech and pop culture. The nerds and geeks have become the new-age jocks. They have taken center stage in every group of friends and have become one of the most lovable. Now, just what should you get for your friend? First, consider reflecting on these points: 

  1. How much do you know your friend?

    If you got this one down, then looking for a suitable gift shouldn’t be that hard! But just in case, you still aren’t sure, what you can do is zone out a bit in conversations and pay attention to what they talk about. Perhaps one of the reasons they’re so lovable is because they always talk — and passionately at it — about their latest discoveries obsession. So, what is the one thing that your friend could not let a day pass without opening up about? The latest anime? The newly-released movie? A fresh issue of comics, maybe?

  2. What type of nerd is your friend?

    Yes, there are different types of nerds with different levels of nerdiness. Is your friend a comic nerd, a film enthusiast, an action figure collector or a tech savant? Knowing this definitely narrows down your options.

Geeky Steals from Greenhills

Now, let’s check out these techie trinkets, science fiction fun, and bizarre oddities that no geek has never said no to!

Reads for the Geeks

Raid the shops for the latest issues in comics, the most talked-about graphic novels and hard-to-find mangas! The options are endless. And even if you’re close to clueless on what title to get, you can always rely on best-sellers and well-reviewed reads! In Greenhills Mall, you’ll find that the shop owners are collectors and hobbyists themselves. They understand the tingling excitement of having a new set of pages to flip over. Just ask for help and they’ll definitely guide you on what reads to purchase for your friend. 

Toys for the Boys

Your friend an avid collector of boxed, new or vintage toys? Then Shoppesville is the place to be. Housing toys for kids and toys for the big boys, the portion of Greenhills Mall is a haven for toy collectors. You’ll find collector go-to toys such as Funko Pops and Marvel Legends, unboxed yet valued action figures, and stacks and stacks of console games, among others. Be ready with a list of what to check out before dropping by, because you’ll literally find yourself drowning in options. Here’s another pro-tip: don’t buy at the first store. Look around and do a little canvassing of that toy you think your friend will love. 

 Pop Culture Trinkets

Most geeks are all about being fans to the shows, movies and artists that they adore. So whether it’s a shirt, a mug, stickers, keychains and what have you if it’s a pop culture reference to their idols, then you’ll be making one geek friend very happy. Make sure to scout the stalls of the tiangge area and Shoppesville. There’s also a Miniso in V-Mall, and trust that they’ll always have partnerships with well-known characters for exclusive house items. 

Small Tech Tokens

Now, you don’t have to spend too much if you’re thinking about what tech-related stuff to give. Look for a flash drive that’s reviewed to render fast file transfer speed or maybe a power bank that holds enough power and small enough to carry around without adding too much weight to your things.  It’s all in the thought really… and the specs of what you’re about to buy. So make sure that you ask around V-Mall of the best deal with the best price and practice these tips for gadget shopping. 

Greenhills Mall is part of Ortigas & Company, one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape. To learn more about gadgets in the Philippines and other attractions that Greenhills has to offer, feel free to read more at the Ortigas Malls website.

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