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Cameras & Where to Find Them in Greenhills

“Pics or it didn’t happen!” is a phrase that one often hears from young people nowadays. Any event should be remembered by that perfect picture, a luxury that many people did not have before. In an age where people are eager to document all their experiences, having a camera with you at all times is the norm.

With over 10 million registered Instagram users in the Philippines, you can see how Filipinos love taking pictures. And even if most smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras, people are looking for ways to reconnect with traditional photography. Starting with the film photo filter apps, more and more people in the Philippines are picking up both film and digital photography.

Want to pick up a new hobby? Riding the photography wave is a picture-perfect idea. Know what kind of camera suits you before setting foot on a camera store! Here’s a list of cameras that would suit every budget and personality!

Cameras To Look Out For in Philippine Stores

With the rising interest in both film and digital photography in the Philippines, camera stores are getting more foot traffic. Here’s a quick rundown of different cameras sure to help you take that perfect snapshot.

  • Point and Shoot: Compact and portable, point-and-shoot cameras have limited features, best for quick snaps. Can’t use your smartphone’s camera for some reason? These cameras are the least expensive options for taking that photo!
  • Mirrorless Cameras: Modern technology’s budget-friendly answer to any budding photographer! The lenses of mirrorless cameras can be changed like other DSLRs. This, with its excellent image capture quality and more compact size, makes it a favorite camera of choice with frequent travel photographers and videographers.
  • Disposable Film Cameras: You want that grain and light leak effect on your photos but the idea of shooting with film just seems scary? Disposable film cameras are a nice way to ease you into film photography! These cameras are meant to be used once, and are popular with tourists all over the world.
  • Action Cameras: For the frequent traveler and daring adventurer, action cameras are your best bets! These cameras’ best-selling features include crisp motion capture and portability. Some action cameras are even waterproof, to get every second of that cliff or scuba dive adventure footage immortalized.
  • DSLR Cameras: DSLRs are a huge financial investment to many people, which is the reason why a lot of people are hesitant to try photography with these cameras. However, a good selection of stalls at Greenhills Mall sell second hand DSLR bodies and lenses in mint condition for a great deal. Research on the features you want and need, and be prepared to bring your bargaining game!

As with any hobby, it is best to start small. If you find that photography is something that you want to continue doing, learn to invest on the equipment that best suits you. Starting something can be exciting, so it is natural to be overwhelmed. Eventually, you’ll find your own style, and know what cameras work best for you.

For all your camera store needs, Greenhills Mall offers a wide variety of camera brands and types for every kind of photographer! From brand-new camera bodies and lenses, additional equipment, to photo-printing centers, there are camera store deals waiting to be discovered in Greenhills Malls’ corners.

Greenhills is part of Ortigas & Company, one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape. For more information on camera stores in Greenhills, feel free to visit our website.



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