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7 Tips To Have The Best Cinema Experience

Movie watching is supposed to be an awesome experience. Titles you’ve excitedly waited for, schedules you’ve diligently set with your movie buddy, and the cinematic rush you’re anticipating  — all these should give you the movie high you deserve. Movie watching should be cinematic enough for the senses in such a way that it gives you the best me-time experience. And it should be. As they say, “relax, see a movie.” So sit back, relax, and take note of these simple hacks to make sure you get the best cinema experience, always.   

  1. Buy tickets ahead of time. 

    Purchasing tickets ahead of time rids you of the inconvenience of forcing yourself to occupy your least-preferred seats. What’s the fun in having to strain your eyes or your neck in the theater for a good 2 hours, only because you were in a very wrong place?  No matter how good the film is, it just ruins everything. Arriving early gives you the luxury to get the best seat. 

  2. Ask if the movie house offers discounts. 

    Note that some cinemas offer special prices for bulk ticket purchases. Others also offer loyalty membership cards that offer special deals. It wouldn’t hurt if you use a bit of your inquisitive power and ask the cinema if they offer any of these, which you can use to avail of special discounts, maybe even freebies. (who wouldn’t want a free popcorn and drinks, right?)  It pays to ask because most of the time, privileges like these are not heavily advertised to everyone. 

  3. For the best sound quality, sit strategically. 

    For action flicks, sound effects and music usually play a huge role in the total cinematic experience. The more immersive the audio is, the more realistic the flick is. Well guess what? There’s a perfect seat that gives you just that: it’s usually at the back! That’s because when projectionists review their sound quality, they’re usually at the back (2/3 of the way back) and in the center of the row. So if you’re early enough to choose a seat, you know which seat to pick. 

  4. Choose off-peak times. 

    If you’re a practical moviegoer and you want to give a bang for the buck any chance you get, then you should know when and when not to line up for a movie. Weekday mornings, mid-day, and early afternoons are usually the best times to watch because 1.) you’re spared of long, stressful queues and 2.) evenings are usually when cinemas tend to charge higher fees for tickets. If you’re not too time sensitive and it’s okay to watch a movie a tad later than its opening week, you can take also this opportunity to save a little money. That’s because some cinemas lower their ticket fees a few weeks after a movie’s release.

  5. Don’t miss coming-soon movie previews.

    If you’re a die-hard movie fanatic (and even if you’re not), it pays to take a peek into a new movie line up, soon to conquer the big screen. You’re there anyway, so might as well take full advantage of the whole experience. Movie previews are sensorial indulgences that enrich the mind, looping you in to the latest buzz in the film industry. 

  6. Snack wisely. 

    What’s a movie without having something to munch on and sip as you scream, tear up, or laugh out loud with your movie buddy? Popcorn is a popular option; so do nachos and fries. Others however, take the risk of sneaking in full meals that give off a whiff of the food or cause messy spills. Something that’s frowned at by moviegoers next to you and worse, prohibited by the cinema itself. To avoid humiliation and undue embarrassment, only choose snacks that are allowed inside the cinema. There are usually reminders near the entrance, so there’s no reason you’ll miss this out. Greenhills Cinema has a complete selection of movie snacks that you can choose from. 

  7. Opt for convenience. 

    At this day and age, convenience is already at the tip of the finger — literally and figuratively. Online platforms for movie scheduling and ticket purchases are everywhere. Take full advantage of that by downloading movie booking apps. Aside from the convenience of choosing your payment methods, you are also given access to do advanced booking, choose your seats, enjoy promo offers, and get special rates.

Movies are meant to be enjoyed. Whether they be for a kid, an adult, or a young adult, the whole cinema experience is meant to be savored. One unfortunate event can lead to another. And surely, when one’s into movie watching, nobody wants a bad ending.  

For the best cinema experience, come to Greenhills Cinema. For movie schedule inquiries, visit


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