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5 Tips & Tricks for Gadgets Shopping in the Philippines

5 Tips & Tricks for Gadgets Shopping in the Philippines

Selecting the seemingly perfect made-for-you gadget in the Philippines can be tough and overwhelming. But don’t fret! There’s no shame in being not technologically savvy. After all, companies announce and release newer and more advanced tech constantly, so we don’t blame you for having a difficult time keeping up.
If you’re in the market for a new gadget, look no further. Greenhills is the place to be! Its huge electronics center filled with the hottest tech is one of the reasons why the mall became so popular to gadget lovers in the Philippines.
Before you swipe your credit card, here are a few tips and tricks to help you shop for gadgets in Greenhills:

Do you really need it?

It’s easy to get sucked into a good and flashy advertisement, especially if it’s from your favorite brand. It prevents people from thinking things thoroughly. And sometimes, we just want to treat ourselves! But it’s also important to take a step back and ask ourselves: do I really have to have this or am I just jumping on the hype train?

Figure out what you need

Research plays a huge part in your decision-making process. Gadgets these days are chock full of trending buzzwords and claims that can confuse the average consumer.  If you go inside an electronic or gadget store without prior complete research, chances are you’ll get confused and eventually end up choosing the wrong thing for yourself.
So make sure you list down all your spec requirements and figure out which device would best complement your lifestyle. Doing this would allow you to also compare gadgets between different brands, so you’ll know which device gives you the most bang for your buck.

Read and watch reviews

Gadget shopping back then was a lot simpler: you’ll just have to take the salesman’s word for it. Good thing the Internet has come to every consumer’s rescue. The Internet is full of notable gadget channels and websites that comprehensively review tech without filter. You’ll know the pros and cons, plus find out if the gadget performs as it was advertised.

Beware of scammers and be a smart shopper

If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, you’re shelling out a huge amount of your hard-earned money so it’s important to be aware that you’re not being scammed. Marketplaces have a lot of sellers and not everyone guarantees authentic products.
Canvas thoroughly and find out which stores are certified, professional, and have a good reputation. Only purchase from shops that can give you the assurance that the product you are investing on comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Completely re-check your gadget

The good thing about buying from a physical store is that you can check your product right at the counter. Look for any signs of tampering — is the box sealed then opened right in front of you, is the gadget free from scratches? Does it have a serial number for authenticity?
Remember, do your research and be smart about it. Greenhills Mall has a vast market of stalls and shops that offer a big selection of consumer electronics — from televisions, video game consoles, music speakers, and cellphones. With these shopping tips to consider, you’ll be sure to have the perfect gadget that fits your needs!
Greenhills is part of Ortigas & Company, one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape. To learn more about gadgets in the Philippines and other attractions that Greenhills has to offer, feel free to read more at the Ortigas Malls website.

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