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Ortigas Malls - 5 Go-To Snacks for a Sweet Time at Greenhills Cinemas

5 Go-To Snacks for a Sweet Time at Greenhills Cinemas

There are unwritten rules of watching a movie in a public theater: switch your phone to silent mode, don’t kick the chair in front of you, leave your infant at home, and most definitely, do not bring food that is noisy and that can funk up the entire theater. That’s why more and more establishments, including Greenhills Cinema, are delving into more unique yet cinema-friendly snacking options. Here are some of the best and yummiest munchies you can eat at Greenhills Cinema while enjoying the latest blockbuster.

Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby

Any cinema that has a nearby Potato Corner is considered paradise. After all, their hard-to-resist flavored fries has become world-famous over the last few years. They are definitely a brand that needs no introduction. That’s why their collaboration with Nacho Bimby will make your snacking experience even more exciting. This means you have more yummy options to choose from including waffle fries, nachos, nacho dogs, chili poppers, and mozzarella sticks.

Auntie Anne’s

When you think of go-to movie snacks, pretzels definitely don’t come to mind. Auntie Anne’s first came to the country in 1995 and have since become a favorite snack for a lot of Filipinos for its uniqueness (you can’t get pretzels anywhere else!) and its portability. Their world-famous soft pretzels come in a variety of different sweet and savoury flavors including almond, sour cream and onion, cinnamon sugar, and more.

Mrs. Fields

Aaah, Mrs. Fields, the cookie brand can trigger nostalgia like no other. Their cookies’ irresistibly tough on the outside and chewy on the inside texture sprinkled with a generous dose of dark chocolate chips will have you nibbling one after another. If you prefer something a little more dense, opt for their soft and chewy brownies, muffins, and revel bars. It’s the perfect sweet treat to bring and share with a date when watching a romantic film.

Candy Corner

Here’s another store from your childhood that will bring old, sweet memories. Candy Corner is the Philippines’ #1 source of quality candies from all over the world. They have everything: gummy treats, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Ghirardelli chocolates, Willy Wonka confections, you name it. Best of all, you can mix and match your favorite candies in a bag, so your snacking experience is more fun, unique, and exciting. Just prepare for the sugar high!

Greenhills Cinema Snack Bar

Popcorn is a no-fail movie companion, and you can get it in Greenhills Cinema in different flavors, like butter, cheese, sour cream, and barbecue. If that isn’t enough to fill you up, you can also get scrumptious hotdogs and cheesy nachos. Finish it all off with sodas and juices of your choice.

The food you’re going to munch on during a movie definitely affects your entire cinema experience. So be courteous to your fellow movie-goers and remember the following: You don’t want anything too greasy, noisy, or smelly. Go for something that’s easy to hold, portable, and of course, delicious! You can find all these and more theater-friendly options only at Greenhills Cinemas.

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