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Larong Pambata, Lalaban Ka Ba?

Larong Pambata, Lalaban Ka Ba?

November 11 @ Tiendesitas /

Do you miss playing your childhood games? It’s time to relive the fun and enjoy like a kid once again here at Tiendesitas with “Larong Pambata, Lalaban Ka Ba?”


1) Team decides who will play “thorns” and jumpers first.
2) The “thorns” sit facing each other with the soles of their feet touching.
3) Jumpers must successfully jump through without touching any body parts of the
4.) To move to the next level, the thorns increase layer by using feet and hands.
5). Successful jumpers are cleared and pass on to the next level.

1) Patintero involves a grid line drawn on the ground where one team will try to pass
through the opposing team while the opposing team will try to catch / touch them
without leaving the grid lines all throughout the game.
2) When the opposing team touches the member, the player is considered out of the
3) A member who gets to cross the grid lines and get back home without being touched
by the opposing members saves his team mates and earns 1 point.

1) Saranggola is usually made of string, paper and stick.
2) They can be of any form, the important thing is, it can freely fly.
3) This Kite fight includes designing of the kite. The one with the most beautiful design
will have a good score.
4.)Another factor to be considered is its ability to fly in its farthest capacity.

1) Each team has 10 members or depend on how many are agreed. The first players on
each team will use two stilt / kadang with one each per foot.
2) Participants align behind the line first whipping in facing beam. Two or more teams
with contrasting as many will be involved.
3) In the signal, the first players to walk with using stilt / kadang, whip to pole and back,
pass the next player standing in line proceeding.
4) The first players walk in the back of the lane members without stilt which he pass to
next player, while the second player will go forward.

1) The game begins with 49 game pieces (shells, marbles, pebbles or seeds)
equally distributed to alternate holes
2) The goal is to accumulate as many pieces in your own "head".
3) The first player removes all pieces from the hole on the extreme left of on his
side. He then distributes them anti-clockwise — one in each hole to the right of
that hole — omitting an opponent's "head" but not a player's own "head".
4) The game ends when no pieces are left in any hole on both sides of the board.
The players now count the number of pieces in their own "head" and see who
has won.

1) The objective is for an individual or teams to score highest in skipping or jumping
over the rope while it is being turned continuously over the head and under the feet of
2) The two ends of the rope are held and turned over by two people.

1) Holen or Marble is a kind of game that gives the players the privilege to get the
marble of the other players.
2) The players will put their “taya”, one or two marbles depending on what was their
choice, in a small circle. They will then throw their marbles from the circle to the toe-line.
3) The one with the closest marble to the toe-line comes first; the second closest marble
will be the second, and so on.
4) The first player then has the chance to get as many marble as he wants as long as
he can get the marble inside the circle away or he can touch the other players marble
once they did their shots too.

2 thoughts on “Larong Pambata, Lalaban Ka Ba?

  1. I really miss this especially in my childhood days. When I’m stay to leave vacation in the province of bicol. I learn how to play Sungka, Saranggola, Taguan, Patintero , Taguan and a lot more.

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Do you miss playing your childhood games? It's time to relive the fun and enjoy like a kid once again here at Tiendesitas with "Larong Pambata, Lalaban Ka Ba?"