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Weekend Food Trip & Tips: Restaurants in Capitol Commons

When you find yourself craving for such a chill, lush escape with friends over the weekend, Estancia Mall is the place to be. Enjoy a much-needed shop, walk, talk and dining sesh around the shops in Estancia, and these restaurants. 

Roti Shop

Adorned with bright reds, yellows, and blues with here-and-there placements of maneki-nekos or lucky cats, the interiors of Roti Shop channels the casual, colorful vibe of Singapore’s hawker stalls. But more than its lively and appetizing ambiance, the star of the resto’s menu is a flatbread known for its versatile flavor characteristic. 
Crispy on the outside while soft on the inside, roti prata in Roti Shop is served Singaporean style — from the basic roti prata with curry or dal (an Indian spiced lentil stew), to the vegetarian’s favorite roti telur. While all in their menu are worth trying, the Roti Prata Special with Chicken Curry won’t disappoint. 
Foodie tip: go all-out casual with friends and use your hands! And since the flatbread they serve are all made from scratch in the kitchen, don’t keep the food waiting. Eat as soon as it’s served! You won’t regret biting into the flaky, buttery goodness while it’s warm. 

Sigekiya Ramen

Fact: ramen holds a special place in every Filipino’s heart.  While it’s no longer the food craze of the moment, it’s still a top of mind when sharing a meal with your closest friends. At Sigekiya Ramen, the rich flavor and the familiar warmth of the broth comes with a satisfying bite, as noodles are thick and cooked firm. Best paired with gyoza, their signature Sigekiya Ramen is a shoyu-based broth with sliced pork that leaves a long-lasting umami profile.
Did you know that there’s a proper way of eating ramen? For a full-on authentic Japanese vibe, try it with your pals: 

  • Sample the broth. If you’re up for it, you may drink a little directly from the bowl.
  • Make some noise. Slurping while eating your noodles is actually a way to tell your chefs and servers that you are enjoying your ramen! 
  • Eat the egg separately from the noodles and broth. Treat it like a side dish, served in your soup!
  • Chow on veggies with the noodles and broth, while eating the meat, separately, with your chopsticks.
  • Eat as soon as served — or right after you get that foodie shot! Ramen is meant to be a quick meal, enjoyed while it’s hot. 

James & Daughters by Le Jardin

Warm meals prepped whole-heartedly do more than just fill the stomach. They play up with your senses and trigger memories that add a little extra to the joy of delicious eating. If you and your crew are the laid back, big on memories type, then this resto should definitely be part of the weekend itinerary.
James & Daughters by Le Jardin is a world cuisine restaurant with dishes inspired by trips. The DIY Duck Confit Crepes, for one, is a recipe created after a trip to Vancouver. The light, refreshing and crowd fave Tuna Kilawin which uses yellowfin tuna is a recipe after a visit to General Santos. 
Food, travel and nostalgia are house specialties at family-owned James & Daughters by Le Jardin. For Chef and restaurateur Jonas Ng, there’s always a dish that’ll take you back in previous experiences, and in specific places too. 

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Desserts, anyone? Delectable cookies, creamy Hokkaido soft-serve ice cream and luscious, decadent slices of Tokyo-style cheesecake. There’s no saying ‘no’ to the creamy, sweet treats that Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has to offer. 
Here’s where you and your friends can try the viral Fluffy Japanese Pancakes! Another must-try are the Milk Pies, layers upon layers of crunchy, golden-brown puff pastry with a generous dollop of Hokkaido cream within! 
Learn more about the exciting new shops and restaurants at Estancia’s New Wing.

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