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Mother’s Day Ideas for the Quarantine Period

Family is at the center of everything that Filipinos do. This is why Mother’s Day is not just some small holiday in the Philippines. It’s that one grand day for the women we call ilaw ng tahanan. Although celebrating this annual event may be a bit of a challenge this year, know that there are ways to ensure that you can make your mom feel loved on Mother’s Day.


But First, Some Mother’s Day Trivia

Before diving into suggestions on how to celebrate Mom’s Day, here are some fun-to-knows about the occasion.

Legally, Mother’s Day should be in December
Mother’s Day wasn’t always celebrated every second Sunday of May. Traditionally and legally, Mother’s Day in the Philippines should be every Monday of December. Father’s Day is supposed to be celebrated on the same day, as well. This was declared in separate presidential proclamations by former presidents Manuel L. Quezon and Ferdinand Marcos. When former President Cory Aquino stepped into office, the date was realigned with the international celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. The date game doesn’t end here. In 1998, former President Joseph Estrada revived the traditional date in December.

Today, we have two celebrations of Mother’s Day in the Philippines: the international, most-known version which is every May, and the Philippine Mother’s and Father’s Day every December.

Carnations are the Traditional Flower for Mother’s Day
Because they’re known to symbolize purity, sweetness and endurance, Carnations became the go-to flower for Mother’s Day, not only in the Philippines but in other countries like Japan and the USA.

Ask elders and they might tell of how, in the old days, Mother’s Day in schools would be celebrated with students wearing pink carnations or what was then called cadena de amor on the chests. Those whom moms have passed would wear white carnations or would place them on their desks.

Mother’s Day in the Philippines is a Family Event

Filipinos love celebrating with the whole family, and it’s only natural that moms would want to spend or share their special day with everyone. It’s not a quiet event, it’s a feast and everyone’s invited if you’re in a Filipino household.


Quarantine-Safe Ideas for Mother’s Day

Celebrating during a pandemic definitely dials down the usual loudness that comes with Mother’s Day. But know that you can still have a special day with mom and the fam. Check out these easy ideas at home.

Flowers can still be a nice surprise
While picking out the right bouquet, and handing them yourself may not be possible, there are delivery services that you may avail to do the job for you. Picture that smile on Mom’s face when she answers the door for a pleasant surprise of a bouquet of carnations!

Cook something special
Keep Mom out of the kitchen and cook something up for the fam. Use the extra time you have at home to learn Mom’s fave dish. You can also check if the family’s go-to restaurant offers a take out, pick up or delivery.

Set up a movie date
Cinemas and movie houses may be off limits for now, but you can always catch the latest flicks or Mom’s favorites on streaming services such as Netflix. Don’t forget to go the extra mile of dressing the TV room up and making sure it’s super comfy and ready for a movie time.

Get crafty
Whether it’s redecorating the interiors of your home, rearranging the garden or starting a simple DIY chore, working on a project with Mom is also a great bonding idea. You can choose from the many suggestions online, or subscribe to an online class on DIY crafts for ideas.


There are many more that  you can do this Mother’s Day. We may be in a difficult time but it sure is no excuse to skip on that one special day for the women who never tire of making daily sacrifices for the family’s well-being.

Ortigas Malls is here to make Mother’s Day extra special. Don’t miss Mom’s Day specials and promos by liking and following Greenhills Mall, Estancia, Tiendesitas and Industria on Facebook. 


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