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It's a Mall World Inside Ortigas Malls!

It’s a Mall World Inside Ortigas Malls!

Despite the convenience of online shopping, Filipino millennials still prefer shopping at physical stores like Ortigas Malls. Knowing that they can personally check the items before making the final payment brings them a sense of security, a step in the process that they cannot have for online shopping. This is great news for physical shops, especially from a generation that some call the homebody economy.

A study has found that millennials spend 70 percent more time at home than the general population. As it is a tropical country, the intense Manila heat or the unpredictable rains of the monsoon season can also discourage people from going out. And yet, the unique Manila mall culture has made it more than a shared space. Despite being constantly filled with people, even homebodies can find places in malls that can convince them to go out of their comfort zone.

Indoor Activities to Enjoy at Ortigas Malls

Going outside should not have to be a hard decision for homebodies! Here’s a few activities you can do at Ortigas Malls, for every kind of mall-goer.

    • Savour the Silver Screen: Ah, the cinemas. With the advent of more accessible streaming services, more and more people have discovered the convenience of watching anything anywhere. But even if streaming services are increasingly gaining popularity, the movies are still arguably best experienced in a movie theater. Nothing beats the excitement of lining up for tickets to a movie you like, buying the classic cinema snacks, and watching the lights go down as the movie starts to play. Greenhills Cinema offers the latest blockbusters and the best viewer-immersive experience, so you’ll surely get your movie tickets’ worth!
    • Keep Moving Forward: The Metro is a place that’s never without action. For the more active individual, there is still a way to get your non-stop fun and adrenaline rush indoors! The Ninja Academy at Industria is Manila’s first indoor parkour facility. For people who are not familiar with parkour, it is a sport where people swiftly move through an area while overcoming set obstacles. Feel like a modern Spider-Man, minus the powers, as you learn to use the elements of the course and make your body work with different surfaces and elevations.
      Ninja Academy is located at the Second Floor of Industria Mall.
    • Take A Sip: Millennials know their coffee very well, if the abundance of coffee shops is anything to go by. It’s normal to see students and freelancers with their laptops or books and highlighters. Coffee is a great source of adrenaline for the long work hours, and it’s great to know which places serve the best brews. UCC Clockwork Coffee in Estancia serves up artisanal coffee, with roasting methods that focuses on bringing out the purest flavors from the beans. They are famously known for their Sumiyaki Syphon coffee, where the coffee beans are roasted in charcoal–the only one of its kind in the country–before being served syphon-style

UCC Clockwork Coffee is located at the Ground Floor, South Wing of Estancia Mall

  • Play Another Slow Jam: The Philippines has a wealth of local talent, and Tiendesitas is the perfect venue to witness some of the best that the country has to offer. Enjoy live bands perform every week at The Food Village, and indulge in your favorite food while listening to the Tiendesitas stars of the day.

Whatever Ortigas Mall you choose to go to, there is certainly a space that would fit any kind of indoor fun. Ortigas Malls has been perfecting the art of life, work, and leisure by conceptualizing and building master-planned developments that have become thriving communities over time—paradigms of excellence in the Philippine real estate landscape.

Ortigas Malls is part of Ortigas & Company, one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape. To learn more about Ortigas Malls, feel free to read more at the Ortigas Malls website.

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