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10 restaurants and services to satisfy every indulgence at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

“Where are we going to eat and what are we going to do today?” are questions asked every time family and friends go out for a day of relaxation and fun together. For a host of restaurants offering different cuisines and ambiences, and salons and massage centers for a day of indulgence and relaxation, they can head over to Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

The luxury mall known for its upmarket shops, entertainment and restaurant offerings completed its expansion in 2020. It now boasts 30,000 square meters of pure fun and open space within the 10-hectare mixed-use development Capitol Commons.

We’ve curated the many offerings of Estancia for a full day of relaxation, fun and togetherness. Back to the question: what are you in the mood for? Here are 10 restaurants, salons and services to satisfy your day of pampering.

  1. Buca Di Beppo Philippines

Mood: When you and your famiglia want a big Italian meal.

Location: LG/F East Wing

“Buca di Beppo” translates to Joe’s Small Place (buca means “hole” or “pit,” and Beppo is the diminutive form of Giuseppe or Joseph). Make sure you come really hungry if you want to do it the Italian way. Start with antipasto or small food to nibble on like Buca’s calamari with marinara sauce and bruschetta with Roma tomatoes on parmesan crostini. Then move on to primo or the first course such as soup or salad, then the second course like pasta (choose the Spicy Chicken Rigatoni!) or the Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken with mozzarella. Of course, there’s always pizza to put in the middle of the table to share like Supremo Italiano with both Italian sausage and pepperoni. Leave room for the Colossal Brownie Sundae because, as the name implies, it is colossal with brownie chunks and 12 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Buon appetito!

  1. Ebi 10

Mood: When you miss Japan so much.

Location: The Royalton, Capitol Commons

Japan may be open for individual tourists now but nothing’s stopping you from indulging in their amazing food right here in the city. Head to Ebi 10, where the ramen warms your soul. Order yakitori (order as many sticks as your heart desires) chicken karaage, tempura, pork tonkatsu or steak and you’re practically in Tokyo! How about salmon or tuna sashimi paired with crisp white wine like Cantina Giordano? For a quick meal, order Ebi 10’s rice bowls like gyudon, tori chahan or tonkatsu currydon.

  1. Kandle Café

Mood: When it’s raining and you’re all in for a hearty soup and coffee.

Location: The Royalton, Capitol Commons

Wrap your fingers around a hot mug of dark mocha latte to start your reunion. Kandle Café is a third-wave coffee shop that serves breakfast fare, Filipino faves, scrumptious cakes and, of course, coffee concoctions. Craving for San Francisco’s signature soup? Kandle Café offers a hearty serving of clam chowder. What about our own hearty Monggo soup? Check that out too! Pastas and palabok vie for your attention, as do the Chocolate Cake made from 100% Malagos chocolate and Tres Leches cake that’s layers of vanilla sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk.

  1. Crisostomo

Mood: When you miss your mother’s cooking.  

Location: 2/F East Wing

Like its namesake in revolutionary Filipino literature, Crisostomo restaurant has become a legend for classic Filipino food. Inspired by turn of the century Filipino dishes, chef Florabel Co Yatco serves comfort and a sense of home through her Rizal novel-derived dishes like Bagumbayan lechon kawali, Protacio’s Pride or New Zealand mussels baked with garlic and cheese. Crisostomo serves four types of sinigang: Sinigang Gomez is pork, Burgos is beef, Meztizo is fish and Kapitan is prawns. It’s fun matching the food with the characters in Noli Me Tangere and why they were named so.

  1. Mazendo

Mood: When you want to broaden your noodle experience.

Location: The Royalton, Capitol Commons

You’ve tried all kinds of ramen, and now want to expand your noodle experience. Head to Taiwanese restaurant Mazendo for its extensive noodle offerings. They have dry noodles and noodle soups to satisfy you. Ever tried Hainanese noodles? What about mapo tofu noodles? It’s about time you did! Mazendo has seven dry noodle sets that include Taiwanese-style pork chop, chicken chop and red roast beef as mains. You can also choose noodle soups if you want to stick to your favorites and add dumplings on the side.

  1. PREP Center Manila

Mood: When you want your children to be more creative and to learn while playing.

Location: 3/F East Wing, Estancia Mall

Founded by a group of experienced educators, PREP Center Manila believes that children learn more effectively when play is used as the age-appropriate vehicle to facilitate their learning. Want your kids to be more creative and curious about the world around them? PREP Center Manila is the place to bring them! At the heart of every class, program and activity is an opportunity for children to play and explore using all their faculties. From ages one year and two months to four years old and 11 months, children are encouraged to freely explore and recreate their experiences, enabling them to acquire insight about the world and themselves.

  1. The Color Bar

Mood: When you want to go bold with color and bad hair days to end.

Location: 3/F East Wing, Estancia Mall

Your hair getting dull and experiencing too many bad hair days lately? The Color Bar comes to the rescue! The salon that specializes in hair color and other hair services will pamper your crowning glory in a relaxing, premium environment matched with personal services. The color on our hair turns dull after a few months  (or just weeks for others!), and The Color Bar will fix that with high-quality and environmentally safer products, so that’s a plus for us! Get those highlights, be bold with your hair color—go pink or purple or blue!—because you’re in good hands.

  1. Mimosa Wellness

Mood: When you come first and want to indulge without guilt.

Location: 3/F Estancia Mall

You must try the Signature Massage of Mimosa Wellness, a place that should be top of your list on every trip to Estancia. Go indulge yourself in a relaxing and worry-free day—you deserve it! Mimosa’s menu of massages includes acupressure to relieve your sore points and aromatherapy to calm you. To feel your stress literally slipping off of your body, try the hot stone, bamboo and traditional hilot massages. There’s also the Himalayan Salt treatment, which is said to have health benefits.

  1. Sanbry Men’s Grooming House

Mood: When your man needs some pampering too!

Location: 3/F Estancia Mall

Men have a few indulgences that they like to experience when going to the mall. One of them is grooming—and they’re in for a treat at Sanbry Men’s Grooming House. Here they can relax while someone shaves their beard or even does a mani-pedi (men love it but not all will admit it), get their haircut or color those white hairs, or maybe even shave their head. Your man has a unibrow? They’ll fix that too—and why not throw in a massage for a relaxing man’s day out? He’ll say yes in a heartbeat!

  1. Nailandia

Mood: When you want to treat your digits with TLC.  

Location: 3/F East Wing, Estancia Mall

Our nails are as much part of our look as our hair. At Nailandia, a full-service nail salon and body spa catering to men and women, you get your beauty needs and relaxation in one visit. The nail technicians will clean your nails and expertly bring color and style to them. They also offer eyelash extensions and massages, so allot plenty of time for your visit. Go for a full beauty day to get your kikay on.

There is so much more to discover on your food adventure and pampering day at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons. Download the Ortigas Malls app via Google Playstore or Apple Store, and sign up for the Ortigas Community Card to get first dibs on amazing deals, discounts, and perks at all Ortigas Malls. Get updates from Estancia Mall by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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